Historic Night for Adams County Football

     For the first time since the 1970's, all Adams County High Schools have a Varsity Football Program.  Manchester High School was fortunate enough to have all the teams present Saturday afternoon, July 29th at Manchester Stadium.  We were also fortunate to have in attendance a team comprised of student athletes from Eastern Brown Schools as well.

     On this historic day for athletics in the county, fans were entertained by the athletes showing off passing and catching skills that soon will be standard every Friday night this fall in the county.  Special thanks goes out to those Hounds and the fans who helped bring football back to the county several years ago.  Although it has been a tough road to follow, days like Saturday show the seeds that you planted not so long ago have made an impact on the county.

     Also, a great deal of gratitude goes out to Scott McFarland of the West Union Football Team. He has been a tireless advocate of football in the county, spending valuable time helping other schools in the area start programs of their own after establishing a program in the county seat.

     We all look forward to the day when all the county teams play each other on the gridiron under Friday night lights, representing the schools and communities of Adams County and other area teams.

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