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BUS ROUTES 2015-2016



Route #1 – Jeff Arnold
US 52 West from Manchester to county line
Lick Skillet
Ginger Ridge
Wilma Lane
Billie Lane
River Park
Cemetery to 8th Street
Island View Apartments
Highfield Drive
7th and Cemetery

Route #2 - Joe Elliott
Suck Run
Clayton Pike
SR 41 from Suck Run to Brown’s Hill Road
Brown’s Hill Road
Foothill’s Apartments

Route #3 – Michelle Moore
Cabin Creek
Eagle Creek
Brier Ridge Road
Poplar Flat
Bentonville Road
Tony Road
Bentonville Preschool
SR 136
SR 41 from Cabin Creek to Bentonville

Route #4 - Denver Young
Roush Hill
Old State
Yates Road
Woolard Elementary

Route #5 - Steve Sanada
Moore’s Run Road
Bat Roost
SR 247
Pumpkin Ridge Road
Germany Hill
Sherwood Black Road
Bogan Road
Gift Ridge
Island Creek Road
Scott Town
US 52 from Wrightsville to school

Route #6 – David McDonald
US 52 from county line to Wrightsville
Sandy Springs Lane
Sulphur Creek Road
Rome/Blue Creek Road
West Fork Road
Southdown Road
Tracy Run Road
Puntenny Run Road
Long Lick Road

Route #7 – Connie McDonald
Old Dutch Road
Stanfield Road
Ripley Pike
SR 41 from county line to Brown’s Hill
Cemetery Street – Flats Subdivision
Island Creek – two houses on the corner

Route #8 – Ray Womacks – Town Shuttles

Run 1- Stops at US 52 and SR 136, life squad building, 5th and Washington, Riddles and Rhymes, US 52 and near Cemetery Street, Harover’s and the old Valley Dairy.

Run 2 – Stops at 5th and Pike behind the library, 5th and Adams, 5th and Broadway, 5th and Jackson, 5th and Monroe, US 52 between Fair Avenue and Washington Street








Manchester Local Schools
130 Wayne Frye Drive
Manchester, OH 45144