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Manchester Local School District Board of Education Receives "Gold Level" Effective School Board Award

Award Levels

Gold:  Complete at least 23 of the 26 criteria

Silver:  Complete at least 19 of the 26 criteria listed

Bronze:  Complete at least 17 of the 26 criteria listed

Members of your Board must sign the application for this award and/or pass a formal resolution signed and dated by the board president or treasurer. Please return the signed form to the Southwest Regional Manager by February 10.  In addition, e-mail a digital picture of your Board of Education and/or administrative team with the signed application.  The picture will be used to publicity purposes.

Southwest Region Ohio School Boards Association

A to Z Effective School Board Award Nomination Check List

_____ A. Committed to a vision of high expectations for student achievement and quality instruction.

_____ B.  Defined and monitored clear goals to reach that vision.

_____ C.  Focused on policies designed to improve student achievement.

_____ D.  Established a collaborative relationship with staff.

_____ E.  Established a collaborative relationship with the community.

_____ F.  A strong and effective internal (in house) communications structure.

_____ G. A strong and effective external (district) communications structure.

*____ H. Used data to drive continuous improvement and decision-making.

_____ I.  Aligned and sustained resources.

_____ J.  Maintained high academic standards in the midst of budget challenges.

_____ K. Served with the superintendent as a united team.

_____ L.  Participated in team development and training.  (Administration and Board)

*____ M. Participated in professional development. (List 3)

_____ N. Developed measurable and attainable goals for the superintendent.

_____ O. Developed measurable and attainable goals for the treasurer.

*____ P. Collaborated with business leaders to develop a consensus for student success.

_____ Q. Focused on policy – avoiding micro-management.

_____ R. Updated and continuously evaluated policies.  (List)

_____ S. Been visible at the building during and after the regular school day.

*____ T. Communicated with legislators/local government officials.

_____ U. Reviewed the annual audit report with the treasurer.

_____ V. Practiced fiscal accountability.

* Requires written documentation, but limited to one paragraph, attached to this application.

_____ W.  The board uses student data for school improvement and with the administration and staff develops and implements plans to improve student achievement.

Demonstrated evidence of district academic improvement in: 

                                             Previous Year             Most Current Year

ELA                                  _____%                       _____%

Math                               _____%                       _____%

Science                           _____%                       _____%

Social Studies                _____%                       _____%

_____ X.  Participated in regional meetings

_____ Y.  Participated in Capital Conference and/or Board Leadership Institute.

*_____Z.  List another way in which your board has exhibited its effectiveness.