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Medication Administration at School

 Parents/guardians should make every effort to avoid the necessity of administering medications during the school day or during school-supervised extracurricular activities through arranging dose times around school hours or other methods discussed between the parent, licensed prescriber and Registered Nurse. When the administration of medication is necessary during school hours, the following rules and procedures shall apply regarding the administration of prescription or over-the-counter medications to students:
  • The appropriate medication form must be completed.  A separate form is required for each medication. New forms must be submitted each school year and for each change in medication and/or dosage. No medication will be administered unless this permission, information, and order is provided. 
  • To view or print a copy of the medication forms, please click the following links: 
Med Form A.pdf  (Parent/guardian permission for over-the counter medication)
Med Form B.pdf  (Physician order/parent permission for prescribed medication

  • The student is responsible for reporting to the nurse clinic on time for medication administration.  
  • Students are not permitted to carry any medication to, from, or during school (unless approved by physician for emergency medication).  The parent/guardian is advised to deliver medication directly to the Nurse. School personnel are not responsible for medication prior to delivery to them.
  • All medication must be delivered in the original container properly labeled with directions for administration. The student’s name must be clearly visible on the container/packaging. The parent must supply the school with the exact dosage.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure a continuous supply of medication for the student, as well as to be aware of the quantity of medication supplied to the clinic and when additional medication is needed.
  • The medication will be administered in accordance with the licensed prescriber’s instructions.  STUDENTS MAY NOT CARRY OR ADMINISTER THEIR OWN MEDICATION WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION: As allowed by State and Federal law, a physician may order that a student carry certain self-administered medications that may prevent a situation of potential risk to the life or long term disability.
  1. The District and its employees assume no responsibility regarding any abuse or misuse of medication carried by a student.
  2. Back of doses of any medication self-carried by a student (epinephrine, rescue inhaler), should be provided by the parent to be kept in the clinic.
When a medication has been discontinued, the parent/guardian must pick up any remaining medication within one week after discontinuation or the Nurse will dispose of it.  By the last day of the school year, medication must be picked up by a parent/guardian or the Nurse will dispose of it.                                                                                               
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