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MHS Students Learn How to Budget their Money through Real Money, Real World
Real Money, Real World was an interactive, hands-on experience that provided students the opportunity to make simulated lifestyle and budget choices similar to those adults face on a daily basis.  All 8th grade students participated in the program on Friday, May 1st, and a group of 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students participated in the program on Thursday, May 21st.   Mrs. Juillerat assigned students assigned a career, a salary, and family members (children).  After being taught various phases of the lessons by Mrs. Wilkins (how education can affect their income), Mrs. Ballengee (tax deductions), Mrs. Tonya Bowman (balancing a check register), and Mrs. Juillerat (simulation prep), students were ready to go through the simulation. For the simulation local business representatives and 4-H volunteers were at the spending booths.  The booths provided various services such as banking, groceries, transportation, child care, and utilities.  Then with the student's monthly budget in hand, they were required to visit each store to purchase goods and services.  If students ran into a financial road block, there was a financial advice booth available to assist students with options such as obtaining another job, utilizing government assistance, or making other choices.  This is just a simulated experience, but students learned a serious message.  A lot of students that that they will have big ideas of purchasing fancy car or big house, but in reality they will have to live within their budget.
Manchester Educational Foundation: Lively Lady Dinner
Manchester Educational Foundation

June 20, 2015 5:00-8:00 p.m.
995 US Hwy 52
Aberdeen, OH 45101
Roast Pork & Dressing
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Green Beans
Cole Slaw
Tea, Lemonade, Coffee
Apple Pie ala mode

There will also be a cornhole competition starting at 2:00 p.m. and music in the evening.

Please contact Karen Ballengee to purchase tickets at Manchester High School: (937) 549-4777 Option: 1
MES Science Camp Scholarships
The 2015 Science Camp Scholarship recipients are pictured front row l-r: Dylan Wages, Gavon Lawson, 4th grade. Middle row l-r: McKenzie Morrison, 5th grade; Denton White, 5th grade; Abby Elam, Abby Carroll, 4th grade. Back row l-r: Sammy McCarty, Rylan Bailey, Jordan Holsinger, 5th grade.  
Head Start Summer Health Screening
Head Start summer health screening will take place on Thursday, August 20th, at Tiffin Head Start.  For more information contact Mr. Brian Rau at 937-549-4777 ext. 3030 or brian.rau@mlsd.us.   
Stephanie Hobbs Receives SATH Scholarship
Stephanie Hobbs was presented with the Hopewell/Region 14 Supplementary Assistance to the Handicapped (SATH) Scholarship on April 23, during the Exceptional Achievement Awards at Hillsboro Elementary.  This scholarship is presented to one senior in the region who has demonstrated exemplary characteristics in working with students with disabilities.  Throughout her high school career, Stephanie has dedicated countless hours volunteering at various events for students with disabilities.  Stephanie is extremely deserving of this outstanding accomplishment.  Congratulations Stephanie! 
Mrs. Pollitt Receives Exceptional Achievement Award
Mrs. Nicolle Pollitt was honored on April 23 at the Region 14/Hopewell Exceptional Achievement Awards Reception at Hillsboro Elementary.  Mrs. Pollitt was recognized for her services she has provided to ensure students with disabilities achieve personal, social or academic goals of the highest standards.  Ms. Pollitt currently teaches fourth grade science.  Other individuals receiving nominations included Mrs. Rhonda Brandenburg, Mrs. Candice Foster, and Mr. Doug Mack.  Mrs. Pollitt is shown with Mr. Brian Rau and Ms. Caroline Grooms.  Congratulations to Mrs. Pollitt and the other nominees. 
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