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Principal's Message

MES Principal's Message

WELCOME to Manchester Elementary School! I am proud to be a Greyhound and to serve as principal of this great school. Everything we do at MES is focused on what is best for each and every student. 
We have 3 new curriculum programs we are using this year:
Our teachers have received online training in these programs and are ready to implement them for the academic betterment of all students.
We have several incentive programs for academics and behavior that we use to provide a positive influence for our students. They are as follows.
P.A.W.S. - Prepare. Achieve. Wise Choices. Show Respect
This is the overall theme of our positive behavior programs that guide student behavior in a variety of areas in the school: 
Expectations for Classroom K-3 - https://bit.ly/3QdvUGM
Expectations for Classroom 4-6 - https://bit.ly/3zmzOGA
Expectations for Playground - https://bit.ly/3vBE9on
Expectations for Cafeteria - https://bit.ly/3vzlhX6
Expectations for Hallway - https://bit.ly/3QckEdI
Expectations for Restroom - https://bit.ly/3QfPguP
Expectations for the School Bus - https://bit.ly/3cSip0M
Bark Bucks
Students can earn Bark Bucks - https://bit.ly/3OQpbS8 - by exhibiting behaviors outlined in the areas listed under P.A.W.S. There is a menu of items from which students can make purchases with their Bark Bucks.
Menu of Possible Purchases -  https://bit.ly/3zW568S
Student of the Week (K-3 and 4-6) - https://bit.ly/3zAKVvP
Every Monday, teachers will nominate students to be Student of the Week by Google Form.
Every Tuesday, teachers will get a ballot by Google Form in which they can vote for the Student of the Week - one for K-3 and one for 4-6. The winning students will get a $10 Subway card. 
Student of the Month
On the first school day of each month, teachers will get to vote on who should be the Student of the Month. The students who earned Student of the Week honors in the previous month are eligible to be Student of the Month. The winning student will get a medal - https://bit.ly/3Q1jEcS, a $10 Subway card and a Wendy's coupon. 
Greyhound Ace - https://bit.ly/3zWvBuH 
Students earning a perfect test score will have their name submitted to me by their teacher. Every Wednesday, I will draw 3 names at random. The lucky students will get a coupon to Wendy's in Maysville or West Union courtesy of our friends at Schmidt Family Restaurant Group. 
Greyhound PRIDE - Golden Tickets
Positive Attitude. Respect. Integrity. Dedication. Excellence.
When teachers catch students being good in one of the areas of PRIDE, they submit a Gold Ticket - https://bit.ly/3oRr3PX - with all of the information. A drawing is held every Thursday and 2 lucky students will receive a Free Kids Meal from Dairy Queen, a Greyhound t-shirt and a pencil. Students can win Student of the Week only once per school year. 
Always feel free to call me at 937-549-4777 Option 3 or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. 
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